Buff-Baby-Dumbbell-RattleExcellent post by Carrie Patrick. Loved the image, so snitched it from there too.

It’s an informative week here at the gym. Went to doc yesterday for follow-up and lab results. Doc was kind. My weight hasn’t changed. That wasn’t a surprise; I’m just glad I didn’t gain. My sugar and electrolytes were good, but my hemoglobin does suggest insulin resistance, also not a surprise (more like a no-brainer). He explained how insulin resistance occurs (in part) because insulin has a harder job working its way through adipose fat around organs, so losing that fat increases health rather exponentially. I’m so down with that.

I went to the doc without questions, because I was too ashamed that I was still the same. Guess it really is time to crack the spine on the Brene Brown. He drew me out, and we decided on goals. I’m going to decrease sugar and high-glycemic carbs, and return in 2 months.

From the doc, I drove straight to B&N with the intent of buying a hard copy of Dr. Hyman’s book. Got there and once again, couldn’t spend the money when I already have it on the Kindle. Just because Hubs has basically taken over the Kindle is no excuse to buy the dang thing, not when he’d hand it over in a second if I asked. But I found two other gems while I was there: Intuitive Eating and The Paleo Primer. Once I catch up on work this week, I’m plowing into those and setting goals on the calendar.

Today was eye doc, an established guy right here in my tiny little town. He makes glasses on site, and has a little display room for frames. I went wandering while my eyes were dilating. I had every intention of taking my prescriptions and running to Walmart, but I tried on a pair of frames that were so perfect, I may be saving up for those instead. But contacts first.


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